Amex Credit Card


When you are looking for an Amex Credit Card you will be soon to realize that you have very many options. There are many people drawn to American Express for over 160 years now because of their great products. They have been expanding the benefit levels of their card products over time which has also kept them relevant in the industry and keeping them involved heavily in the stock exchange. No matter the type of card you are looking for, American Express has something to offer you. From their prepaid to their credit options they really have covered every area of the financial spectrum. Even if you apply for one of the products that you happen to not be qualified for, American Express will make sure to tell you of the one that better suits your situation financially.

For the sake of this article, we want to mostly deal with the original Amex Credit Card-Green. This is one of the most popular as it is the standard of all American Express cards known around the world. One of the reasons this card continues to draw such a large fan base is because it has no late fees and no interest rate. The reason they are able to say there are no late fee is because of the fact that your card be paid monthly to continue use. So, what happens is you use your card during the month for the convenience of not having to have the money at that time. Then, at the end of the month you will pay it all in full. See, that's why there are no late fees.

The Amex Credit Card-Green is great on the no late fees for those who would otherwise have a memory lapse and not remember to make their payments on time. There is also the benefit of no limit. The scary thing of no limit on the Amex Credit Card-Green is that if a person isn't disciplined to handle such a thing as a no limit card they will quickly meet with disaster. The Amex Credit Card-Green is definitely not for you if you are one who is unable to handle a card with no limits coupled with the problem of not paying on time.

One of the new things that they are promoting with the Amex Credit Card-Green is that you can not only gain points when making purchases, you can also pay for purchases with the points you have accumulated. Their point offering really aren't that great, but they really do seem to offer a world-class customer service that they have become very well-known for over the years. It's really a great thing when you can find such a company as American Express still going so strong for so long in the area of customer service. If you are seriously looking for a great card with great customer service to boot, then you should very seriously consider the Amex Credit Card-Green or even any one of the many other Amex Credit Card options that are available on the market.